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Septic Do’s And Don’ts

• Pump your septic tank routinely and know your system’s location
• Repair leaky plumbing fixtures and practice water conservation
• Limit garbage disposal use and provide a lint screen on your laundry discharge hose
• Use liquid laundry and dishwasher detergent instead of powdered varieties
• Divert roof drains and surface water runoff away from your septic system
• Contact County Health Department with any septic system questions you may have

• Drive or park vehicles over your system
• Plant trees, shrubs, or gardens over your septic system
• Flush solid material into your system such as: coffee grounds, cigarettes, paper towels, cotton swabs, personal hygiene products, etc.
• Dispose paint or household chemicals down your toilet or drains
• Use commercial septic tank additives
• Repair your septic system without first contacting the County Health Department