The students level of participation in the general education curriculum. For the remainder of the imaginative play session, no matter how much the clinician attempted to regain his attention, he kept pressing the button. Students in CCS are given a student life mentor to support their transition into college and become more active on campus. Provide free and appropriate public education to children and you with specific disabilities, Expansion of the developmental delay category, Mandated services for preschoolers with disabilities ages 3-5. A high school English teacher has five gifted students in a regular, mixed-ability class. Which two formal assessments should be used to identify an intellectual disability? In their last three years in the program, students can apply what they learned in off-campus and on-campus jobs and internships. I think it is likely still a great program because, in the last alumni magazine, there was a 6-8 page article about the deaf community,” said Mighty community member Kelly B. Missouri State’s Disability Resource Center has various. Mandates that the assistive technology is provided at no cost to the student, Stipulates that students with print disabilities are provided with accessible instructional materials, Mandates that assistive technology is provided if the Individual Education Program team determines it is needed, Mandates that Individual Education Program teams consider assistive technology for all students with disabilities. Which condition would require an educator to monitor and change assistive technology as the condition progresses? subpart 2—transition programs for students with intellectual disabilities into higher education §1140f. Students registered with the disability center are given a weekly list of scholarships and internship opportunities they can apply for. The teacher emphasizes oral presentations, uses diverse mentors, and provides visual and kinesthetic learning experiences. How does the RTI model affect how individual school districts diagnose learning disabilities? Which of the following assessments of a student's strengths may include informal measures such as a portfolio of work samples, anecdotal records, and rating scales of gifted characteristics? There are sounds which result from a disorder of the larynx. How does portfolio assessment support the theory of multiple intelligences? Each student is given an academic plan that aligns with their specific interests. His mother reports that one of his preferred activities is lining up his toys. There are also psychological services and therapies for students in SALT dealing with depression, anxiety or stress. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Qualified applicants can also enroll to get an associate’s degree in communication arts or business administration. What is a characteristic of children with limited English proficiency? One student is from a minority group and is also an English learner. The internship takes place during a students’ last year and the student is placed in an area of their interest. True or false? Postsecondary Education Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities A child identified as gifted and having a learning disability. The program offers a two-year program that focuses on developing leadership skills, life skills and independence. However,this Start studying Psyc 512 Ch.6. Student B’s mother reports that at home, Student B likes to play Uno with his family, watch tv (sports), garden with his mom, and hang out with the family pets; a ferret and a dog. Students who have deaf-blindness are classified under the category of _________________, Qualified professionals identify gifted and talented children as having which of the following capabilities, High performance by virtue of outstanding abilities. An elementary school is preparing for back-to-school night. The child is exhibiting ___________________, Conductive hearing loss usually results from a _________ and is often ____________, Prelingual and postlingual hearing impairments are distinguished primarily by the ____________. From school to postsecondary, college, vocational program, or another program The student receives a medical diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Parents are unlikely to seek the necessary support. If you want to know more about California State University, Fresno’s disability programs and services, visit its website. As a result, in order to increase the learning opportunities for her, the teachers need to ___________________________. They are likely to benefit from cochlear implants. A statement of specific early intervention services necessary to meet the unique needs of the child and family. Informal measures for assessing giftedness. A five-year-old student is unable to speak due to an inability to move muscles required for speech. Which characteristic is an educator likely to observe in a student who is gifted? The teacher believes the student will benefit from consistent interventions across the home-school environment by teaching specific, manageable tasks to build skills. In contrast to assessing intelligence, assessing adaptive behavior does NOT present cultural concerns that affect the outcome of the tests. An Individualized Education Program (IEP) team identified the following service provisions: A student with which disability will benefit from vocational training, functional curriculum, community based instruction, and inclusion?

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